Galway Science and Technology Festival


We showcased our research on the Green Dot and the lack of a synchronised approach to waste symbols in Ireland. We also gathered more data on the public’s knowledge of the issues, which we will be sharing soon. We are currently developing a new website that will collate all of our data and help to publicise the issues we have discovered. We have have been collaborating with Campbell Finnie of Barna Waste, who has been advising us and also conducted a workshop in the school on waste management and recycling in Galway and Ireland.
Our stand was extremely busy during the day and students from 3rd to 6th Class had a rota of volunteers who manned the stand. Thanks as always to our fantastic Clontuskert parents who brought the students to Galway and especially to Ms. Colohan who spent Saturday afternoon putting up posters and banners on the stand so it would be ready for Sunday. Thanks also to everyone who joined us and gave their time to take our survey or to play our recycling game.

We were delighted and thrilled to be asked to come to the Galway Science and Technology Festival Award Ceremony at 3.15pm. Imagine our surprise when the school name was called out as Overall Schools’ Winner for 2018. Thanks to everyone at Galway Science for such an amazing experience, especially Brendan Smith, Anne Casserly and Simon Grehan and Medtronic who sponsored the awards. Congratulations to all of the schools who showcased their work at the event and especially to Bernard Kirk who was awarded Galway Science Person of the Year 2018.
We look forward to continuing our research and sharing our results with everyone. Check out some of the photos from the day and some of the feedback on Twitter.

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